Why Landscape Lighting Toolkit Was Made

Landscape Lighting Calculator was created for landscape lighting installers and home DIYers that have little or no electrical knowledge. The tutorials and calculators assist in overcoming the misleading or unknown issues of low voltage / high current electrical systems.

While it may seem difficult to get shocked on a 12V or 15V wire, there are other things that can go wrong with a poorly designed system. Some things are just frustrating, such as dim or flickering lights or a transformer that keeps tripping. Other things can be dangerous. It is possible for an overloaded wire to become so heated that it can set fire to landscaping. Or an overheating transformer on an inside garage wall could do much worse damage.

Using the calculators can assist in designing a safer and better optimized low voltage electrical system that is expandable for future needs.

Additionally, the calculators make fantastic troubleshooting tools for an existing system that is acting up.

About the Authors

Landscape Lighting Calculator was written by Daniel Hall with engineering assistance provided by Chris P. Daniel Hall has been a programming nerd for over 40 years, starting with BASIC in 1979 and moving through ASCII, PASCAL and FORTRAN in high school years; then making the switch to HTML and Javascript in '99 and on through a dozen or more web-based languages and technologies, in recent days developing desktop applications in Visual C#.net and mobile apps with HTML5 / CSS / Javascript (used to create Landscape Lighting Calculator).

Chris P is a mechanical engineer that designed truly excellent, high-end landscape lighting fixtures and mastered the principles of low voltage electrical systems over several years at a Florida-based low voltage landscape lighting manufacturer.